Luxury Automatic Cat Litter Box


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Brand Name: CATLINK

Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: YES

Model Number: Fully Automatic Cat Litter Box

Type: cats

Feature: Totally Closed


CATLINK's Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Essential User Guidelines

Usage & Modes:

Error Indicator: If blinking, empty the waste box – it's full.
Cleaning Routine:
Switch to Manual mode.
Add fresh cat litter.
Press the play button.
Choose your preferred mode.
Empty: Empties all litter in the cabin.
Manual: Starts cleaning after pressing play.
Auto: Cleans 3 minutes post-cat exit (default wait time adjustable).
Installation & Maintenance:

Self-Test: Conducted at every plug-in. Avoid touching the machine or buttons during this.
Placement: Ensure a flat surface. Keep free from leaning objects or top placements.
Calibration: Requires device self-check and weight calibration post-installation.
Non-Washable: Pedestal (wipe with a clean cloth).
Washable: Back cover, sphere bin, waste drawer.
Additional Tips:

Carbon Filters: Expose to sun bi-monthly; replace every three months.
Liner Replacement: Suggested weekly, varies with the number of cats.
Waste Drawer: 13L capacity, suitable for short trips.
Cat Suitability: Ideal for 3.3lb-44lb cats.
Space: Ample interior for comfortable use.
Assembly & Disassembly:

Dismantling: Keep track of the small support bracket on the sphere bin's back.
Ease of Cleaning: Designed for hassle-free dismantling.
Package Contents:

CATLINK's Fully Assembled Self-Cleaning Litter Box
X2 Ball Cabin Filters (for different litter types)
12V 2A Power Cable
X3 Waste Drawer Roll Liners
X2 Activated Carbon Odor Removal Filters
User Manual

Special Note: The Catlink Stair is an additional ladder to assist cats due to the box's height. If the ladder is a concern, please consider this before purchase.




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