Window Mounted Bed


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Item Type: Bed & Mat Covers

Is Smart Device: no

Material: FIBER

Type: cats


Bullet Points:
1、Powerful Suction Cup: 8.5mm large suction cup with holes + 8.5mm large screw suction cup, double protection, safe and reliable.
2、Super Load-bearing Capacity: Single-layer load-bearing about 12.5kg, double-layer about 22.5kg, super sucker can provide safety protection for your cute cat.
3、High-quality Materials: Made of nylon mesh and plastic, removable and washable, and easy to install.
4、Where to Install: Install on flat ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, refrigerators, washing machines, metal paint and other smooth and air-tight material surfaces.

5、Sun Bathing for Cats: Specially designed for cats to enjoy better sunbathing. Ultraviolet rays can promote calcium absorption in cats, allowing cute cats to grow up healthily.

Material: mesh, nylon webbing, pipe fittings, screw sucker, suction disc with hole
Size: about 51*31cm/20.08*12.2in
single layer 600g
double layer 750g
Weight bearing:
about 12.5kg for single layer
about 22.5kg for double layer

Packing List:
Single layer:
Round Hole Suction Disc*2
Screw Suction Disc*2
Pull Strap*2
Long Rod*2
Short Rod*2
Breathable Mesh Cushion*1
Right-angle Elbow*4

Double layer:
Round Hole Suction Disc*4
Screw Suction Disc*2
Pull Strap*4
Long Rod*4
Short Rod*4
Breathable Mesh Cushion*2
Right-angle Elbow*8


As the suction cup is made of plastic material, it is easy to get hard in winter. It is normal if the suction cup claw force is insufficient. It is recommended use high temperature hot water to soften it to increase suction power.

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